Educational Laboratory Glass Slides Set VIC38 Lab Consumables Oem Service

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Henan,China
Brand Name: Vic Science
Certification: CE
Model Number: VIC38
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 15-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000 Sets per Month
Product Name: 100pcs Biological Slides Item: Biological Microscope Prepared Glass Slides
Application: Medical School Bilological Class,medical Promotion Gift Size: 76.2*25.4*(1.0-1.2)mm
Material: EU Standard Glass Usage: Primary School/middle School/college/universities Etc
Professional Experience: 10+ Export Experience Package: Neutral Bleached Paper Carton,safe Export Packaging And Short Delivery Time
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Biological prepared microscope educational glass slides set


Educational Laboratory Glass Slides Set VIC38 Lab Consumables Oem Service 0


Product Name
100pcs Biological Slides
Product No.
Made of EU standard glass ,typically stained specimen
English or customer requirement
1.In plastic or wooden box .
2.In individual carton box Export carton .


100pcs Biological Slides List


B004-1 Corn root tip L.S B004-51 Spinal Cord,C.S(Silrer Impregnated)
B004-2 Vicia Faba Young Root. C.S. B004-52 Motor Neurous Cell
B004-3 Hydrilla Stem Tip L.S. B004-53 Wall of Stomach,Sec
B004-4 Cucurbits Stem L.S. B004-54 Kidney L.S.
B004-5 Corn stem L.S B004-55 Artery & Vein,C.S.
B004-6 Helianthus Stem C.S. B004-56 Small Intestine,C.S.
B004-7 Basswood Stem C.S. B004-57 Ciliated Epithelium,Sec
B004-8 Vicia Dicot Leaf,W.M. B004-58 Lymph Node,Sec
B004-9 Penicillium,W.M. B004-59 Lung With Blood Vessels Injectde,Sec.
B004-10 Actinomycetes B004-60 Kidney With Blood Vessels Injected Sec
B004-11 Chlamydomonas,W.M. B004-61 Taste buds Rabbit
B004-12 Three Types of Bacteria B004-62 Testis,Sec. Human
B004-13 Yeast,W.M. B004-63 Ovary,Sec. Cat
B004-14 Hydra L.s. B004-64 Human Sperm,
B004-15 Daphni Sp,W.M. B004-65 Volvox,W.M.
B004-16 Mitosis Onion Root TipCells. L.S. B004-66 Aspergillus,W.M.
B004-17 Mitosis,Horse Ascaris Eggs,Sec. B004-67 Rhizopus Sporngia,W.M.
B004-18 Frog,Egg,Cleavage Stage.Sec. B004-68 Corn Seed With Embryo, L.S.
B004-19 Stomach,fundic B004-69 Paramecium,W.M.
B004-20 Schistosoma stomach frog B004-70 Paramecium in Fission,W.M.
B004-21 Human Chromosome B004-71 Hydra, male C.S.
B004-22 Pine Leaf,C.S. B004-72 Hydra, female C.S.
B004-23 Plasmodesma,Sec B004-73 Schistosoma Adults in Copula,W.M.
B004-24 Cladophora,W.M. B004-74 Schistosoma Miracidia,W.M.
B004-25 Frog Egg,Sec B004-75 Tapeworm Mature Proglottid,W.M.
B004-26 Frog,Egg,Cleavage Stage.Sec. B004-76 Schistosoma Male,W.M.
B004-27 Stomach, frog B004-77 Schistosoma Femal,W.M.
B004-28 Lichenrons Ox Sec B004-78 Schistosoma egg
B004-29 Moss Antheridia, L.S. B004-79 Schistosoma Adults in Copula,W.M.
B004-30 Moss Protonemata, W.M. B004-80 Schistosoma Cercaroae,W.M.
B004-31 Moss Archegonia, L.S. B004-81 Ascaris Female and Male,C.S.
B004-32 Bracken Protonemata B004-82 Honey Bee Hind Leg,W.M.
B004-33 Bracken Protonemata with spore B004-83 Honey Bee Mouth Parts,W.M.
B004-34 Fern Leaf,Sec B004-84 House Fly Mouth Parts,W.M.
B004-35 Lily Anther, C.S B004-85 Butterfly Mouth Parts,W.M.
B004-36 Lily Ovary C.S. B004-86 Mosquite Mouth Parts,W.M.
B004-37 Capsella, Young Embryo, Sec. B004-87 Grasshoper Mouth Parts,W.M.
B004-38 Capsella, Old Embryo, Sec. B004-88 Hydra With Bud,W.M.
B004-39 Lily Anther, C.S B004-89 Plant cell fission
B004-40 Leaf of Winter Jasmine, C.S. B004-90 Animal cell fission
B004-41 Cat Epithelium,Sec B004-91 Man Chromosome
B004-42 Simple Flat Epithelikum,W.M. B004-92 Woman Chromosome
B004-43 Human Skin Sec,Through Hair Follicle B004-93 Paramecium
B004-44 Human Skin Sec,Through Sweat Glang B004-94 Spider web, cord
B004-45 Dense Bone,Sec B004-95 Wheat L.S.
B004-46 Loose Connective Tissue Rabbit,W.M. B004-96 Allium Scale Lipidermis, W.M.
B004-47 Human Blood,Smear B004-97 Leech
B004-48 Skeletal Muscle,dog L.S.C.S. B004-98 Tongue L.S.
B004-49 Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation B004-99 Ascaris egg
B004-50 Motor Neurous Cell,W.M. B004-100 Cucurbits Stem L.S.

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