Biological Specimens 100pcs Microscope Glass Slides

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Product Name: 100pcs Microbiology Microscope Slides Item: Microscope Prepared Slides
Application: Medical School Bilological Class,medical Promotion Gift Size: 76.2*25.4*(1.0-1.2)mm
Material: Glass Or Plastic Usage: Primary School/middle School/college/universities Etc
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100pcs microscope glass slides


1.0mm Microscope Glass Slides


100pcs biological glass slides

Laboratory Educational Supplies Glasses Biological Specimens Microbiology Slides


Since the microorganism is a colorless translucent body, after our technician carefully stained, the morphological structure can be observed clearly. As microorganisms have a relatively constant morphology and structure under certain environmental conditions. Therefore, the study of microbial morphological structure is of great significance in the identification of different groups of microorganisms, microbiological diagnosis, and analysis of the pathogenicity of pathogens. The observation of microbial morphological structure is an important basic technology in microbiology experiments.

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Product Name
Laboratory Educational Supplies Glasses Biological Specimens Microbiology Slides
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1. In plastic or wooden box .
2. In individual carton box
3. In Export carton .


Here we prepared 100pcs different popular microbiology slides including bacteria and fungi, which will be enough for your study.



100pcs Microbiology slides


MI001 Rhizopus nigricans W.M.
MI002 saccharomycetes w.m
MI003 Penicillium W.M.
MI004 Aspergillus W.M.
MI005 Bacteria 3types smear.(staphylococcus,pseudonmonas spirillum)
MI006 Staphylococcus smear
MI007 Stomatococcus smear
MI008 Escherichia coli smear
MI009 Bacillus subtilis smear
MI010 Bacillus subtilis smear(show spore)
MI011 actinomycete w.m
MI012 Bread mould,show hyphaesporeW.M.
MI013 Aspergillus,show hyphaesporeW.M.
MI014 Rhizopus stolonifer W.M.
MI015 Staphylococcus aureus smear
MI016 Tetrads smear
MI017 Sarcina smear
MI018 Proteus vulgaris smear
MI019 Bacteria in yoghourt smear
MI020 Bac.Thuringiensis smear
MI021 Acetobacter aceti smear
MI022 Bacillus rhusiopathiae suis smear
MI023 Pasteurella maltocida smear
MI024 Staphylococcus epidermis smear
MI025 septate hypha smear
MI026 nonseptate hypha smear
MI027 Azotobacter chroococcum(show capsule)smear
MI028 Large spore bacilli smear
MI029 Proteus bacilus smear show flagella
MI030 Large conidiophore
MI031 Small conidiophore
MI032 Streptococcus di-pneumoniae smear
MI033 Gonorrhea di-pneumoniae smear
MI034 Salmonella typhi smear(show flagella)
MI035 Corynebacterium diphtheriae smear
MI036 Yellow micrococcus smear
MI037 Mycobacterium tuberculosis smear
MI038 Pseudomonas aeruginosa smear
MI039 Bacillus pertussis smear
MI040 Aerobacter smear(show capsule)
MI041 Clostridium tetani smear show spore
MI042 Bacillus anthracis smear
MI043 Rat plague bacilli smear
MI044 Hamulus of leptospira smear
MI045 Candida albicans
MI046 Single flagellum W.M.
MI047 Double flagellum W.M.
MI048 Comma bacillus W.M.
MI049 Shigella sonnei smear
MI050 Botulinum W.M.
MI051 Nei-sseria meningitidis smear
MI052 New-type cryptococcus W.M.
MI053 Neisseria gonorrhoeae smear(pus)
MI054 Neisseria gonorrhoeae smear(pure cultivate)
MI055 Bacillus anthracis smear(curly-hair shape colony)
MI056 Salmonella typhi smear
MI057 Bacillus cereus W.M.
MI058 Spirillum W.M.
MI059 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
MI060 Saprolegnia w.m
MI061 Mucor
MI062 Rhizobium
MI063 Agaric
MI064 cup fungi
MI065 bacillus
MI066 Lactobacillus
MI067 Lactobacillus bulgaricus
MI068 Lactobacillus casei
MI069 Bread bacteria
MI070 Cheese bacteria
MI071 Mycobacterium tuberculosis cultures smear
MI072 Mycobacterium tuberculosis sputum smear-positive acid-fast staining
MI073 Pasteurella pseudotuberculosis cultures smear
MI074 Chicken pasteurella smear
MI075 Salmonella enteritidis
MI076 Circuitous spirochetes
MI077 dysentery bacillus
MI078 sonnei
MI079 Haemophilus influenzae
MI080 Fusobacterium
MI081 Oral bacteria
MI082 Bifidobacterium
MI083 Cocci
MI084 Yellow Micrococcus
MI085 Nisin
MI086 Streptococcus pyogenes
MI087 Streptococcus pyogenes long chain
MI088 Streptococcus pyogenes short chain
MI089 Streptococcus faecalis(cultures )
MI090 Streptococcus pyogenes
MI091 Pneumococcal
MI092 Streptococcus pneumoniae
MI093 Neisseria(cultures )
MI094 Pseudomonas solanacearum
MI095 Aerobacter smear
MI096 Bacillus mycoides
MI097 Salmonella white diarrhea
MI098 Proteus vulgaris
MI099 Proteus
MI100 Crimson Rhodospirillum



If the items you need not on the list, please feel free to send us your list and get the quotation within 12 hours.
As a prepared microscope slides manufacture, we also provide OEM service to customize your special prepared slides sets.

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